How to hide unwanted emoji on the keyboard

We all love
Emoji Emoticons in emails, hearts in messages and even check marks in
notes - there is an emoji for every occasion. However, there are too many of them
makes the choice harder. Search for the desired Emoji is now among the hundreds of others. But what if you could hide unnecessary emoji?

Smojis application
allows you to hide specific emoji and even entire categories. If you never
use flags, you can just hide them. The choice is yours! Below we will tell
how to use the application Smojis.

- The Emoji Keyboard is available on the App Store for 29 p. for for $ 0.99 iPhone.

When you
Download the application, it needs to provide access to the keyboard. It's possible
make a notification that will appear when you first open the application,
or through Settings > Smojis > Keyboard.

Hide emoji with Smojis

Open application
Smojis, click
Hide categories or single emojis, and you
see a list of standard categories. Select one of them and click on
slider at the top to hide the entire category.

To hide specific Emoji, just touch them to fade.

After that you can open the keyboard as usual and touch
globe icons to see only the emoji you need.

Other features Smojis

  • Categories with recently hidden and
    Often used emoji.
  • By default displays new
  • Ability to choose skin tone by
  • Dark and light theme.

It would be great if the function allows you to hide
unnecessary emoji was standard, but for now we only have the Smojis app.