How to increase font size on Mac (macOS)

If in programs like Pages or Notes you always increase the font, then it may be worth increasing it in the whole

system? Why squint and strain your eyes if you can not do this?

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Below we’ll show you how to increase the font size on a Mac.

  • Screen settings
  • Accessibility Features
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Screen settings

To change the font size throughout the system, you need to make changes to the screen settings. Open System settings through the menu bar, and then do the following:

one) Select section Monitors and tab Monitor.

2) Near point Resolution select Scaled.

3) The setup menu appears with options Larger text and More space. Naturally, we need an option on the left.

Hovering over different options, you will see their preview on the left.

four) When choose the option that suits you, click Ok.

Your screen will refresh by applying the changes. Now the font size should be larger.

Accessibility Features

If you want to increase the font for a short time, this can be done using the universal access functions. Open again System settings and follow the steps below.

one) Select section Universal access.

2) On the left, select Increase in section Vision.

3) On the right, check the box next to Use keyboard shortcuts to enlarge. Remember the keyboard shortcuts you will use.

Now with their help you can zoom in the screen, increasing its size. And with it the size of the text on the screen.

If you want to enlarge not the whole screen, but only the text while reading, enable the option Enable text magnification under cursor.

This function will increase the text when you hover over it by holding down the key. Command.

If you press the button Options, you can choose the size, style, position, etc.

Keyboard shortcuts

There are a few more keyboard shortcuts that you can use to increase the font on a Mac.

Click Command + J, and a small window will open.

Near Text Choose your size. You will immediately notice how desktop elements become larger.

On sites and in some programs, you can use a combination Command + a plus (+) to zoom in and Command + minus (-) to move the screen away.

Now you no longer have to strain your eyes to read the fine print on your computer. We hope the tips above were helpful!

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