How to inexpensively improve a car with the help of new technologies

Tuning has always been treated differently. He went through the era from "collective farm" to "writhing" (unsuitable for

civilian use of racingcars), and then manufacturers themselves joined in stuffing with decor and electronics - the most popular tuning became factory. But the factory options for cars are far from the best, but on the contrary - for everyone and for no one. And to make the car comfortable, but not defiant, it’s enough to pump electronics and appearance in it a little.

We change the standard head unit

Replacing a regular head unit is the mostThe obvious way to turn an aging car into a modern one. Firstly, the standard devices are very sad in terms of the number of functions and are far behind in technical terms from what we see in smartphones and tablets. Secondly, as a rule, they do not receive updates so often, unlike third-party multimedia devices that are updated “over the air”.

Universal and modified taking into account Russianreality option - Yandex.Avto - a system for car multimedia systems with integrated Yandex services - Navigator, Music, Browser and voice assistant Alisa.