How to keep Apple Watch notifications private

If you wish, you can make your notifications on Apple Watch confidential. Privacy will be

saved due to the fact that messages will not be displayed completely until you touch them. Below we will tell you how to enable this option.

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Default Notifications on Apple Watchare displayed in full expanded form. As soon as you raise your wrist, a notification will appear on the watch display. Thus, it is very convenient to quickly check your messages.

Most users are satisfied with this situation, but Apple also added the ability to keep their notifications on smart watches strictly confidential. Below we will tell you how to achieve this.

How to make notifications on Apple Watch confidential

one) Open application Apple Watch on your iPhone.

2) Select tab My watch.

3) Select Notifications.

four) Click the switch next to Confidentiality.

The description of the function says: "In this mode, the notification details will not be displayed until you touch it."

Notifications will still appear on the watch,but you will see only the icon and the name of the application. The contents of the notification will be hidden until you touch it. If you prefer to see the entire notification immediately, disable the option.

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This option will definitely appeal to those who are very worried about their privacy. Now, your message is definitely not read by anyone but yourself.