How to listen to music in Telegram offline and in the background

In connection with the latest changes to the VKontakte site, many users are looking for alternative ways

listening to music offline.We previously wrote about how to listen to VKontakte music in the background, and in this article we will tell you how this can be done in the Telegram application. You can listen to your favorite songs on your Windows PC, Mac, and mobile devices. You can turn on the selected playlist, and then go into some dialogue and chat to the music, or just listen to music offline and in the background, while continuing to do your business or use other applications.

Social network Vkontakte mostusers appreciated, above all, for a huge collection of free music. Recently, listening to music on the site has become quite uncomfortable, and almost all the functions are now paid.

The telegram did not miss this opportunity, and inThe latest version of the application has been updated player for more convenient listening to music. This was done with the intention to make the application a worthy replacement for the social network VKontakte.

View information about tracks and switch between them much easier and faster.

Now more about how this is done. You can listen to music in a telegram in two ways: send songs to yourself, or through special bots and channels.

How to Send Music to Yourself

Listening to music in this way is as easy as it sounds. There are two options.

It is more convenient to send music in the desktop version of Telegram - there you can upload any files from any location to your personal chat, and then listen to songs from your phone.

  1. Open Telegram Desktop on your computer in a browser at or install the application:
    • Download Telegram Desktop for Windows.

    • Download Telegram Desktop for OS X.

    • Download Telegram Desktop for Linux.

  2. Click on the three bars in the upper left corner. You will see your name. Click on the cloud icon next to it.
  3. Your personal chat will open. As usual, click on the “attach” button, and then select the location of your songs and send them to yourself.

You will see that the song appeared in the dialogue, and you can open it in the player. In addition, now you will find it in your private chat, if you log into it from a mobile application.

In the mobile application is a bit more complicated. First you need to copy the songs in iCloud, and then upload them to the application as files, since songs from Apple Music or other applications cannot be attached to messages.

  1. Log in to iCloud Drive using your Apple ID.
  2. Click on the cloud icon.3. Select the song files you want to download. You can choose several at once.

You will see files uploaded to your iCloud Drive. You will also find them from your phone in the Files application and will be able to upload them to Telegram.

Similarly, you can upload files to iCloud by downloading and installing a program for your computer.

After that, you need to open a dialogue with yourself, which can serve as a repository of various files and documents.

  1. Go toContactsand click on your name at the very top. Your personal chat will open.

2. As in a regular dialog, click on the “attach file” icon and selectFile > iCloud.

3. Then select the location of your files and find the song you want to download to the application. Click on it and confirm sending.

4. Do the same with all the songs you want to add to your playlist.

When done, just click on one of the tracks. The download will start, and then the song will open in the player, where it can be turned off, switched, rewound, louder, etc.

Download Telegram for iPhone / iPad.

Download Telegram for Android.

Download Telegram for Windows Phone.

How to listen to music through special bots

If you get tired of listening to old songs, you can always find new music through the channels in Telegram. There are a great many for every taste.

Some of the most popular bots are @vkm_bot and @BeatSpotBot. Read more about how they work.


With this bot you can search for songs bytitles or performers. Simply enter your request, and the bot will send you a selection of matched songs. After that you can choose the number you need and open it in the player. You can also add a song to the playlist by clicking on Like.



The principle of operation of this bot is exactly the same, but it has a simpler and more convenient interface, and instead of a like heart. In addition, it is possible to change the language or settings.


Lifehack:Using the above bots you can searchsongs not only by title and artist, but also by genre, since it is often indicated in track names. Just send a message with the genre you are interested in and see what the bot finds for you.

You can find bots with music of different genres yourself through the contact search, or select something from the list on the site. When you find a channel you like, just clickto beginin the dialogue, and then the bot will do everything itself.