How to listen to VK music on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Recently, in the newest versions of the official VK client for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the administration

VKontakte has removed the section with audio recordings.This means that listening to music through the application has become impossible. The reason for this was Apple's policy, which prohibits the distribution of pirated products through the App Store (let me remind you that almost all the music from VK is pirated). Now Apple product owners have to listen to music a little differently.

The easiest way to listen to VC music without jailbreak

1. Applications from the AppStore

Especially for those who do not like difficult paths.Apple periodically removes “counterfeit” applications from the App Store. At the same time, various developers are uploading new ones there as a counterbalance. In order to listen to VK music on your iPhone or iPad, just go to the App Store and enter “VK Music” in the search. Applications that will be in the top will allow you to listen to your favorite audio recordings. We tried to do the same thing and we got this program:

2. VKontakte community “VK Music – download VKontakte music to iPhone”

The most effective way. On the social network VK.COM is a community run by one developer. He constantly uploads the same application to the App Store, albeit under different names. One is removed – it loads the second one, deletes the second one – he loads another one and so on in a circle. Here is his group: Just go there and find the application that is currently working, there is also a link to the App Store.

Updated: unfortunately, the community has been blocked by the VKontakte administration. New link:

3 Official VK website -

The simplest method.The developers left a small loophole in the application. To listen to your audio recordings, all you have to do in the application is go to the search box and enter a specific web address there: With the same success, you can simply go to the standard Safari browser and enter the same address – the effect will be the same. Upon request, a mobile version of the VKontakte website will open for us:

4. Unofficial third-party applications

A little more complicated.Some craftsmen have found a way to install the Music for VK application without using the App Store. However, this method – the most undesirable in our opinion. The fact is that such applications often ask for money for their use. No, they won't steal them, they'll just demand a monthly payment after a trial period according to the “do you want to use our great app – pay money”. We present to you the top 3 such applications, they are all of the same type, installation instructions are included in pictures:

To install, open Safari and enter the website address above. Next, install the application. After installation go toSettings–>Basic–>Device Management–>Select the developer that appears and click on the button“trust”. Now you can use the application.

  • Music VK. Almost the same as what we found from the App Store (see the beginning of the article). Available on this site (be sure to open from Safari on iPhone or iPad):

  • Music Vkontakte Ultimate. This program is already starting to demand money. It can be used for free, but at the same time you will be overwhelmed with unnecessary advertising. However, paying 69 rubles per month, you can use it. Download:

  • VK Music. The most beautiful application on this list is from a Belarusian developer. And it doesn't require money. See installation instructions above. Download:

5. Tsar's VK on iPhone and iPad with and without jailbreak

Recently a modified client program for VK appeared. Some call her “royal wk“. In addition to the fact that it contains an “Audio recordings” section, you get the opportunity to use the offline viewing function, hide typing and not read other people’s messages.

Read more about what the royal VC, and how to download it, read:

  • How to install the royal client Vkontakte or how to sit offline VK with iPhone

6. Cool Player with music download

Also in the App Store there is a great application that allows you to listen to music from VK. One of the important functions of the application is the ability to save music for offline listening.

The app was not found in the store.

Go to store
Google web search

Unfortunately removed from the AppStore.

What method do you use? Write about it in the comments.