How to make a repost story in Instagram

When someone tags you in their Instagram story, you get a notification. This week in

The Instagram app has added another way to interact with tags in stories - you can repost someone else’s story to yours.

It is unlikely that you will often do this, but, let's sayYou went for a walk with friends, and some of them shared a funny video or group selfie with you in their history. Now you can repost this story into your own, as if you took the picture. Below we will explain how to repost stories on Instagram.

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How to make a repost history in Instagram

Everything is very simple: when you are mentioned in a story, you are notified. Above the notification there will be a button allowing you to add this story to your own. When you click it, a friend’s story will appear on the add story screen, where you can change its size and add your own stickers as if it’s your usual story.

  1. To repost a story to yourself, you must be mentioned in it.
  2. Then click &#8220;Add this to story&#8221;3. Select &#8220;Your Story&#8221;

When you make a repost, the name of your friend will be displayed in a small icon, on which your subscribers can go to his profile.

But one thing: in order for you to share your friend's story, he must have an open account. If a friend has a closed account, you will not be able to repost his story to yourself.

How to disable the ability to repost your story on Instagram

If you don't like the new feature, you candisable. Open your story and click on "..." with the caption "More" in the lower right corner of the screen. There select “History Settings”. The settings panel will open. Click on the switch next to “Allow sharing” so that it becomes white if you want to ban the repost of your stories. Here you can configure other options and story.

Now you know how to make a repost in storyInstagram The new feature is available in the 48 version of Instagram, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play now. If your function has not yet appeared, update the application or wait a bit.