How to polish your iPhone X

iPhone X is a work of art. The glass case front and rear, separated by steel frames, gives

Smartphone premium look, which no one hasanother smartphone on the market. However, the steel framework of the iPhone X only looks good until you use your smartphone. With everyday use, they are scratched and cease to shine as before.

However, like everything else in this world, giventhe problem can be solved. Unfortunately, the solution is suitable only for owners of silver iPhone X. Blogger Quinn Nelson posted a video on YouTube, in which he showed how to polish the iPhone X and return it to a new look. This method will also help get rid of scratches on the frame.



The process is extremely simple. You only need a paste for polishing metal and a microfiber cloth. Put a little paste on the cloth and start polishing the borders of your iPhone X. Don't be afraid to use force. After that, wipe the frames with the same clean cloth. This time you need to polish even more and move your hand in a circular motion.

The method shown in the video is only suitable forsilver iPhone X, but not for smartphones in the color "gray space". If you apply the “gray space” method to your iPhone X, then you simply erase the black coating from the frames, and it can no longer be restored.

You can repeat the process every couple of months,to keep the new look of your iPhone X longer. The method is very simple, so any user can handle it. In addition, everything is clearly shown in the video above. We hope that you will succeed.