How to prioritize downloading and updating applications on the iPhone

When you download apps on your iPhone all at once, it can seem like it takes forever. You may have bought

You've got a new smartphone and you need to download all your favorite apps, or maybe you just have a lot of updates in the App Store.

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Applications are loaded in random order. But what if you need an application with mail more than a game? Fortunately, it is possible to set priority on specific applications, and below we will describe how this is done.

How to prioritize downloads oniphone

When the app starts loading, you will see it on your home screen. The icon will turn gray and a loading indicator will appear on it. Click on the icon using 3D Touch and select from the menu that appearsPrioritize the download.

You will also notice the optionPause download. If you select it, the download will be paused. This is useful for those applications that you need the least. Just pause the download so that other applications download earlier, and then restart the download.

Of course there is an optionCancel downloadin case you change your mind about downloading the app altogether.

This is not a new feature, but very few people know about it. We hope it will be useful to you when you download or update many applications at once.