How to protect your eyes from smartphone radiation: three ways

Ophthalmologist-surgeon Natalya Koval told how to minimize the effect of blue light, or

HEV radiation, on the eyes. Discuss

The specialist explained that blue light is actuallyin fact, medium-length waves, which project HEV radiation. Blue radiation negatively affects the eyes, but it comes not only from computer monitors and smartphone displays, but also from warm light lamps.

In this regard, not only people who work a lot at a computer or use a smartphone, but also doctors, TV presenters, etc. are at risk of eye damage from light radiation.

Koval told how to protect yourself from the blueSveta. According to her, the means for this are protective glasses for devices with filters that will not only protect the glass from cracks when dropped, but also limit the emission of blue light from the screen.

Night mode is also effective for this, whenthe screen light becomes muffled, softer, yellowish in color. The doctor advised to use protective filters of computer glasses that can be worn during work. But to fundamentally improve the situation will allow limiting the time spent on the smartphone.

“In addition, all modern gadgets have"night mode", when the screen light becomes muted, yellowish. It also reduces the level of HEV radiation. You can also use the protective filters of computer glasses, which are recommended to be worn during everyday work. However, you can drastically minimize the harm from blue light by limiting the time you use gadgets. This applies to children, whose eyes are much more vulnerable than the eyes of an adult, ”explained the expert.

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