How to quickly change lowercase letters to uppercase on Mac

When working with text on a Mac, you may need to quickly replace lowercase letters with uppercase letters. Situations may be

different, but there is a quick way to switch, which we describe below.

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Replacement letters on Mac

If you are working in Pages, Notes or TextEdit, follow the steps below.

one) Highlight text, be it an entire document or a single word.

2) On the menu bar, select Edit > Transformations or right-click and select Transformations.

3) Choose from options Uppercase, Lowercase or Capitalized. The first two options will change all the letters, and the last will capitalize the first letters of each word.

Replacing letters in Word on Mac

The method above will work in most programs on a Mac, but not in Microsoft Word. In this program, you can use a convenient keyboard shortcut.

one) Highlight text, be it a document or one word.

2) Hold key Shift and press F3. You can continue to hold Shift and press F3 to switch between upper and lower case letters.

You may not often need to change lowercase letters to uppercase and vice versa, but now you know how to do it.