How to quickly flip a video on an iPhone

Often, users shoot in portrait or upside-down orientation, which degrades the appearance. Let's try

Figure out how to flip a video on your iPhone to view it comfortably.

The positioning problem arose a long time ago, but so farnot resolved by Apple. Therefore, users have to independently look for options. The bottom line is that it’s more convenient to shoot vertically, but it’s optimal to watch the video horizontally. The size of the device matrix allows you to automatically adjust the picture to the desired position without loss of quality. This flaw can be fixed in one of the following patches, while device owners are encouraged to use the rewrite method.


Algorithm of actions

List of Available Programs

Video Review: Flipping the Image

Action algorithm

To implement the image editing procedure, you need to download a special application from the App Store. Then follow these steps:

  1. Install one of the recommended programs on your iPhone. The presented applications are distinguished by functional features of the interface. In addition, there are paid and free options.
  2. Go to the application and find the file of interest in the list. All objects obtained by shooting from the camera are stored in the "Video" section.
  3. Rotate the image and record a new movie withUsing the Record Movie feature. In this case, you can edit the resulting movie, removing part of the frames from the storyboard, and then save the final version.
  4. Export the file to the library in the one of interestpermission. To view on small screens of mobile devices, you can select a lower quality to save disk space. If the file is planned to be shown in a home theater or on a personal computer, you need to take a higher quality picture. In addition to the device’s internal storage, the file can be deployed in the iCloud cloud service, uploaded to Youtube or Facebook.

List of available programs

Among the many available applications, there are several that have proven themselves on the good side. The list includes the following options:

  1. The most popular application is Imovie. This program was developed by Apple, so it is fully compatible and demonstrates stable operation. The application is paid, which may not appeal to all users.
  2. The free Video Flip app changes the viewing angle without changing the quality of the video. After processing, it leaves the source file in the library, so it must be deleted (to optimize disk space).
  3. Camera Horizon helps you shoot video incorrect position, regardless of operator error. If the phone is upright, the utility will still record the clip horizontally. It is delivered free of charge.
  4. Rotate HD supports all versions of Apple devices. In addition to phones, it works with tablets and players. In addition, it supports operating systems of any age. Downloaded for free.

The choice of program depends on preferencesuser. You can choose the appropriate option with a more convenient interface or a large number of useful functions. The proposed solutions will allow for high-quality shooting, and without regard to the technical imperfection of the original software filling.

Video review: flip the image