How to record phone conversations on the iPhone using tweaks

Have you ever needed to record your phone call? If yes, then you are not alone. This is one of the most

popular features that Apple won't add to the iPhone.

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Fortunately, new jailbreak tweaks will help you with thisCall Recorder X+ (iOS12)AndSuper Recorder X+ (iOS12). Both allow you to record phone calls directly in the Phone app.

In addition, for an additional fee with the Super Recorder X + tweak (iOS 12), you can get additional features, such as volume up and voice change.

Both tweaks add a red record button to the screen with a call. If you press it, the call recording will start, and then it will be saved on the internal web server, from where you can request the recording.

Tweaks also support Activator, so instead of the red button, you can use another action. Conversation recordings can be played, deleted and shared.

If you are interested in tweaks, you can download Call Recorder X + (iOS 12) or Super Recorder X + (iOS 12) from the Packix repository. To install you will need to purchase a paid license.

Call Recorder X + (iOS 12) and Super Recorder X + (iOS 12) tweaks are only for devices with iOS 12 jailbreak. For older versions of the system, there are previous versions of tweaks.