How to recover deleted files from iCloud Drive

Have you accidentally deleted files or documents from iCloud Drive? Do not panic ahead of time. Probably,

You can still restore them, and below we will tell you how to do it.

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Files and documents related to study orwork are very valuable. Some store their important data on iPhone and iPad for quick access. Using iCloud Drive, it’s easy and convenient to keep copies of all these files and store them in the cloud. Thus, you can access all your files from any of your devices. Unfortunately, sometimes such files are deleted accidentally.

If you have lost your important data, do not worry, they can be restored. Read on to find out how to do this.

How to recover deleted files in iCloud Drive

  1. To get started, open a Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or any other browser on your PC, Mac, or iPad. Visit Log in to your iCloud account with your Apple ID and password.

  1. On the iCloud homepage, click Account settings.

  1. Scroll down and press Reestablish files.

  1. A window opens with a search for files that are storedon the cloud. Wait a couple of seconds. After that, you will see a list of all recoverable files, in which you can mark only the ones you need. Select them and click Reestablish.

  1. iCloud will begin the recovery process. If you need to recover many files, you have to wait. When recovery is complete, click Finish to complete the procedure.

That’s all, the process is quite fast and very simple. Recovered files will appear on all your devices with the same Apple ID.

Note that this function is not available through a mobile browser if you do not go to the full version of the site.

If you previously disabled iCloud on your device, then you won’t be able to recover files. By default, iCloud copying is enabled, and it is better not to disable the function so as not to lose important data.

Each Apple ID comes with 5 GB of freeiCloud memory. It seems to be small, but in this way you can store copies of important data. If this is still not enough for you, you can increase the memory for money: 50 GB - 59 rubles per month, 200 GB - 149 rubles per month, 2 TB - 599 rubles per month. We do not recommend disabling the function at all.

Apple Cloud Storage is especially useful forthose who have both a Mac and an iOS device. All your data is synchronized on all devices, which is very convenient. This applies to contacts, photos, documents, etc.