How to remove a background from a picture or photo without Photoshop online

If you were looking for a way to quickly and easily remove the background from the image on your computer, then there’s

many different programs and online services. With their help, editing photos will be much easier. Below we will talk about some of them.

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How to remove background from image via is a free program that allows you to edit the background of images, including removing it completely. It is available for macOS, Windows and Linux.

The program automatically removes the background from anyimages. You can even upload multiple images or folders at once, if you have a lot of them. You can leave the background transparent or immediately fill it with some color. In addition, you can select a resolution before saving the result.

The program will save the time you spendto remove the background from the image through Photoshop. The only drawback of the program is that it does not work without an Internet connection. Nevertheless, she copes with her task perfectly. Below we show an example of how to use the program.

Step 1: Download and install the program. When you run the program, it will require you to enter the API key, which you will receive after registration. Press button Get started.

Step 2: On the next screen, click Get API Keyto open the registration site. Here you can select the folder where the results will be saved.

Step 3: On the website that opens, register. You can use your Facebook account or mailbox.

Step 4: After registration you will be availableediting one HD image (up to 4 Mb) and 50 regular images per month. If this is not enough for you, you can buy additional access or subscribe. To get the API key, click Read the API docs> Get API Key.

Step 5: Copy the key from the page that opens and paste it into the program. Click Save.

Step 6: Now drag your image from which you want to remove the background to the program window. Select a transparent or colored background, as well as the size of the result. After that click Start.

The process will take some time depending on how many photos you received. The result will be saved to the folder you selected earlier. Below you can see examples of results:

As you can see, working in the program is very easy and convenient. Now you can do in a couple of clicks what used to take a lot of time.

  • The program can be downloaded for free.

How to remove background from image online is not only a program, but also an online service for removing background from pictures. Everything works very simply: you go to the site, upload your image and get the result.

How to remove background through Background Burner

This is another online service that automatically removes the background from images. Here's how to use it:

Step 1: Open the site, scroll down a bit and select your image.

Step 2: When the process is completed, you will see several options for the results. If none of them suits you, select the most suitable and click Touch Upto manually edit it.

Step 3: Here you can manually remove the remnants of the background from the photo or return what you did not need to delete. When you are finished editing, and you will be happy with the result, click Finish.

Step 4: You can save your result with a white or transparent background.

Make Image Transparent Service

There is another way to remove the background from the picture online.Is a Make Image Transparent service. However, it has a significant drawback - a large amount of advertising. Nevertheless, he will cope with the work, and you will not have to pay for anything.

Step 1: When you close the advertisement on the site, select your image.

Step 2: Use the red brush to remove the background from the photo, and use the green one to return the elements. You can also use various tools like zoom in, cancel, etc.

Step 3: When done, press the red button in the center of the screen. If you are happy with the result, save it. If not, edit further.

That's all, we hope that at least one of the above services will be pleasant to you and photo editing will be much easier for you.