How to remove password and remove iCloud Activation Lock quickly and easily?

One of the most common problems for smartphone users, including iPhone owners, is

"Forgot your password".As a result, it is impossible to unlock the iPhone and access it. What can you say, there may be many scenarios for the appearance of this problem, ranging from the most banal (you often change passwords and forget), ending with the same situation when you bought a phone from your hands, but did not ask for the password ... Anything can be, but not every software can cope with this problem. We have a magic wand for you - the program iToolab UnlockGo.

iToolab UnlockGo: what for?

IToolab UnlockGo program solves severalpossible and similar problems on the iPhone. With it, you can remove several types of blocking at once on an iOS device, including iPhone and iPad. For example, if you need to remove your iPhone lock passcode - remove the four- or six-digit phone passcode, remove Touch ID fingerprint protection, or Face ID face protection. Also, there is always a question of how to bypass iCloud activation lock, especially among those who buy used phones.

When such problems arise, no longeryou need to carry it to the phone to the service center and give a lot of money for removing the malfunction. You can independently solve this issue using the iToolab UnlockGo program. And what I like is the ability to use it even for those users who do not consider themselves advanced. The developers of the utility have taken care of the simplest possible interface of the program, so that it is convenient and simple to use, and most importantly - understandable.

Below we will detail two of the most commonly used instructions for you.

How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone / iPad with UnlockGo?

  1. Download and install UnlockGo on your work computer. Please note that there is a version for both Windows and Mac. And they are slightly different.
  2. Connect your mobile device to your computer via USB. Then select “Remove iCloud Activation Lock” from the home screen.
  3. Next, jailbreak your device. The program itself will download the required jailbreak package. Follow the instructions on the screen to put your device in DFU mode and wait for the program to complete the jailbreak process.If you are using Windows, then you will need to follow the step-by-step jailbreak instructions as described here.
  4. Then you just have to check the information about the device on the screen and click on the REMOVE button to remove the iCloud activation lock.

How to remove lock passcode, Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone?

  1. Download the UnlockGo program to your computer and launch it. Your mobile device must be connected via USB to your computer. The program will automatically identify it.
  2. Select the “Unlock Screen Passcode” function on the main screen. If your iPhone / iPad is not recognized by your computer, put your device into "recovery mode" or "DFU mode".
  3. Download the latest firmware, it may take a while.
  4. Next, we start the unlocking process todelete your passcode on iPhone, and then you can create a new one yourself. You can restore data to device from previous iTunes / iCloud backup.

As you can see, the program is really veryprimitive to use, so you can definitely figure it out. On the official product page, you can check out the technical details and find download links UnlockGo.