How to remove red eyes from photos on iPhone

When you
take pictures in poor light with flash, often the effect
red eyes. This little detail can spoil a good photo of a person.
or even an animal.

You do not need to download any application to fix this problem. On the iPhone for this
There is a standard function, and below we will tell how to use it.

How to remove red eyes on iphone

your picture in the Photos app and follow the steps below.

one) Click To rule in the right
top corner of the screen.

2) Press on eye icon
in the upper left corner of the screen.

3) Now you need to touch each
red eyes. If necessary, each eye can be touched several times.

four) When done, click Is done.

Removing red eyes from photos is easy, and it goes away.
little time. The standard feature in the Photo app does a great job of it.