How to remove the button with a microphone from the keyboard of the iPhone or iPad

You've probably noticed that the iOS keyboard has a microphone button for voice input.

Some people prefer never to use it, while others often use it accidentally. If you don't use voice input, this button can be removed from the keyboard.

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Hide and display the button itself is impossible, but you can disable the function that will remove it from the keyboard. Below we describe how this is done.

How to remove the microphone from the keyboardiOS

  1. Open the applicationSettings.
  2. Go toMain.
  3. Select sectionKeyboard.
  4. At the bottom of the screen, find the itemDictationand click on the switch next to it.
  5. Confirm disabling feature. This will remove the microphone button from your keyboard.
  6. Close Settings.

Now, when you open the keyboard on your device, there will be no button with a microphone on it.

If you want to return the button to the keyboard, just turn on the Dictation function in Settings.

Changing these settings will not affect the microphone in the Messaging application, since this is another feature that allows you to send voice messages.

Most users like the feature.Dictation, because it is very convenient to use when your hands are busy. If it seems useless to you, it is better to immediately remove the button with the microphone from the keyboard.

Buttons with a microphone were not on the keyboard?

If there were no buttons with a microphone on your keyboard, then the Dictation function is disabled. Perhaps your device or the iOS version does not support it at all, although the function is not young.

If you do not have a button with a microphone, but you would like to use the voice input function, go to Settings and enable the Dictation function.

By the way, the Dictation feature is available on Mac.