How to remove the Emoji button from the iPhone or iPad keyboard

Don't like the emoji button on your iOS keyboard? Then it can be completely removed, and with it the entire section with

emoji This will be especially useful for those who never use emoji and press the button accidentally.

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Below we describe how to remove the Emoji button from the keyboard of your iPhone or iPad, as well as how to return it in case you change your mind.

Please note that after deleting a button, you will not be able to use emoji, since they cannot be accessed.

How to remove emoji from your keyboardiOS

  1. Go to the applicationSettingson your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Go toMainand then selectKeyboard.
  3. Select an itemKeyboards.
  4. In the top right corner of the screen, selectTo rule.

  1. Click on the red iconminus (-)NearEmoji.
  2. Now clickDelete.

  1. ClickIs doneand close Settings.

When you open the keyboard in any application, you will notice that there will be no emoji button on it.

Now you can not use emoji in yourdevice. Remove the Emoji button, while leaving the panel with Emoji, so far it is impossible. In fact, you can only disable Emoji completely, although you will still receive them.

You can also remove the microphone button from the keyboard if you never use voice input. Then an empty space will take a space, and it will be more convenient for you to type text.

How to return the Emoji button?

  1. Go toSettings &gt; Basic &gt; Keyboard.
  2. Select an itemKeyboards, thenNew keyboardand selectEmojiat the very bottom of the list.

After that, you will again see an emoji button on the keyboard and you can use them as before.

Like any other option in iOS, you can easily change this at any time.