How to remove VPN from iPhone or iPad

The article contains instructions on how to remove a VPN service from an iPhone or iPad if you no longer use it. (For instance,

set during the trip to another country, and when you returned home, you want to remove.)

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How to remove VPN from iPhone or iPad

In the screenshots we will show how to remove VPN from iPhone. For iPad, the procedure is the same.

  1. Open Settings - Basic - VPN. If the VPN service is enabled, turn it off, changing the status to Not Connected.

2. Select the VPN service that you want to delete, to the right of it click on the i icon.

3. Click delete VPN.

4. Confirm the deletion.

If you need the VPN service again, you will need to re-add the profile or configure the VPN manually.

Many VPN services provide VPN profiles that make installing and removing VPNs easy. This also works for a manually configured VPN.

VPN connection is useful for travelers andusers who want to keep online privacy and circumvent regional bans. In addition, many companies have a VPN so that employees have access to internal resources and data through a secure corporate network.