How to restore Instagram and survive at any cost

The days of family albums in shabby bindings have sunk into oblivion. Today all photos are instantly posted and

forever stored on Instagram.And many do this not only for fun, but also to promote their business. In these conditions, access to your account becomes the key to success and well-being. And this is where, ironically, things can go wrong. And what to do if suddenly your account is blocked or you forgot your password? Let's figure out how to restore Instagram without fuss and panic.

How to recover Instagram if you forgot your password

Modern man must remember more than a dozenpasswords and logins. You can, of course, set the same login everywhere and do the same with the password. However, this is how you give the green light to attackers, because hacking one account, they can easily do this with other networks. Therefore, it is not surprising that the password from Instagram is often forgotten. If you have entered the password several times and have failed to log in to the system, use the “Login help” option on the main screen.

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Then you can recover the password using the following tools:

  1. How to restore Instagram via Facebook
    To restore Instagram via Facebook,You just need to click on the “Log in via Facebook” field, where you need to enter the username and password for the Facebook page. Then you can change the password and write it down somewhere so you don’t forget it again.
  2. Recover Instagram by phone number
    This option is possible if your account is linked to a phone number. Then you just need to enter it in the new field, click the “Next” button and wait for the SMS with the activation code.
  3. Recover Instagram by email
    A principle similar to recovery by numberphone: enter your email address, a field may appear in which you need to confirm that you are not a robot. Next, click the “reset password” or “Next” button. You should receive a link to your email to reset your old password and enter a new password on Instagram, which you will use in the future. This is where the entire recovery journey ends.

But what to do if nothing came to the post office?

  • check spam;
  • reset the password again;
  • try logging in

It will be more difficult for Instagram to recover the password ifYou forgot your email password. Then there are two options: contact the mail support service or inform the social network tech support that your Instagram account has been hacked. In this case, they will change the email and restore the page, but you may have to wait a long time.

Can I restore Instagram after deleting?

Often users are temper after quarrels or failuresdecide to remove Intagram forever. But it is worth thinking ten times, because it is impossible to restore your Instagram account after deletion. And although the developers are thinking about how to fix it, so far it is only a dream. But you can easily restore a temporarily deleted account. For this you need:

  1. open the application and try to enter the required data through the "login";
  2. if it didn’t work, we’ll click on “help with logging in” and reset the password via mail or phone number;
  3. sometimes it is easier to recover the password through the computer, since the application may be of the old version on the phone.

How to restore a temporarily blocked account in Instagram?

Block Instagram may be for non-compliancesocial network rules: spamming in comments of other users, copyright infringement, placing too explicit photos, using programs to increase subscribers and likes. In such cases, blocking Instagram for 7/30 days is like arrest for hooliganism. But if this is repeated repeatedly, they can block it forever. What then to do? There are two options: say goodbye to the old page and create a new account or try to restore your account on Instagram, telling the support service about breaking your page.

Instagram is quite loyal social network: it can be restored after temporary deletion, blocking or in case you forgot your password. But in order not to have to use instructions for account recovery, try not to exceed the limits and restrictions of Instagram, bind your page to Facebook, mail and get a special notebook with all passwords so that they do not forget. These simple actions will ensure a long and happy "life" on your Instagram page.