How to save battery while playing Super Mario Run

The game "Super Mario Run" was released almost ten years later, after the revolution in the smartphone market. Everyone was looking forward

to play this game from Nintendo on your smartphone. And now that Super Mario Run is out, we’ll be lost in time playing it.

At such times, it’s especially important to save your iPhone’s precious battery life. And you can do this by following the guide below.

Low resolution graphics selection

In the game "Super Mario Run" there are settings for choosing lower performance graphics subsystem. This means that your iPhone will consume less power.

To do this, click on the “Menu” button on the Kingdom screen and select “Settings”.

Then click on the “Options” button.

On this screen, select the “Low” option for “Rendering Quality” and the “Graphics Quality” settings.

Use iPhone Battery Saver

Alternatively, you can also use your own reduced power mode on your iPhone. You can include it in "Settings" -> "Battery" -> “Power Saving Mode”.

Use in Wi-Fi

Super Mario Run requires you to playpermanent internet connection. If possible, use Wi-Fi instead of 4G. This will really help increase the battery life of your device.