How to set up remote control on Android

Remote control in Android: control your computer from Android and control Android from your computer can be

implemented using special software.

Greetings, dear userAndroid operating system. In today's short article, I will tell you what remote control of an Android phone is and through what software tools it is carried out. Remote control will help you:to control your Google Android device and phone through a personal computer (computer) and vice versa, to control an Android device or phone through a computer (computer).

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I selected all management tools by the following criteria.:

  • Ease of use. Agree that this item is most important when it comes to complex software tools. The simpler, with the help of the program, you can do this or that action, the better, in my opinion, the management (remote) software tool is thought out, the better the proposed tool;
  • The possibility of free use. A very useful and necessary feature for free software lovers and freebie lovers. When compiling a peculiar top, I took into account this moment, not least;
  • Stability and ease of usesoftware tool. This item would need to be put in the first place, because it will, in many ways, determine which software product you choose for yourself. It is quite logical to assume that no one will work with a slow and unstable program, all the more there are enough good and functional analogues.

So let's not take the time and move on to the list of applications I compiled for management via a computer or via Android.


Tool link

I use this software myself.both to control a phone based on the Google Android operating system, and for your iPhone. Using the application, you can control (remotely) your desktop personal computer directly from your Android device. Management (remote) is carried out via the Internet.Of all the advantages of the program, I would like to note the following, in my opinion, the most important:

  • The app will allow you to manage yourcomputer (computer) from a gadget to Google Android, even if you are in another city. The main condition is the availability of Internet access: both from a computer (computer) and from a Google Android gadget. Agree a tempting prospect;
  • It is possible to show the screen of your personal computer to other users, which is sometimes very convenient;
  • High and stable performance, as I said above - this is one of the most important factors that influence the choice of a program for management.


Tool link

This program, unlike the previous one,will help you manage your Google Android phone using a regular, desktop, personal computer (computer). Control (remote) is carried out from a browser program installed on your personal computer (computer).Of the large number of features and functions of this software tool, I would like to note the following:

  • The application is completely free (byat least it was at the time of this writing). I have no doubt that this news has delighted all lovers of good and free applications. Despite the fact that the application is free, it does not mean that it is not functional, just the opposite - AirDroid can compete with paid products;
  • The program has the ability to broadcast your Google Android screen to the screen of your personal computer monitor. Also manage (remote) them from a computer.

Today, that's all, I hope you picked up forRemote control of your Android device and phone, or vice versa, managing (remote) with Google Android is no longer a problem for you.