How to set up Sidebar Finder on Mac

Finder on Mac is one of the most important programs through which you access all your data. Therefore her

You need to customize it as much as possible to suit your needs.

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In the Sidebar Finderdisplays all your folders, hard drives andnotes, so it's worth customizing it to your taste. There you can add what you use most often and remove unnecessary elements. Below we will tell you how to do this.

Setting items Side menu

First you need to open a new window. Click the iconFinderin the Dock or open the program through the menuFile&gt;New windowFinder. Then follow the steps below.

one)From the menu bar, selectFinder&gt;Settings.

2)Select a tabSidebar.

Here tick all the items that you need in the side menu.

Close the settings and you will immediately see how your menu has changed.

Tag Setting

If you have checked the box next to &#8220;Tags&#8221;, you can configure them separately.

one)From the menu, selectFinder&gt;Settings.

2)Select a tabTags.

Check the Tags you want to see in the Sidebar. To change their order, simply drag them to the list.

You can also change the order of all items in the Side Menu. To do this, they, too, can be dragged to the right places.

Adding Items

You can add other items to the Side menu besides those that are ticked in the settings.

For example, if you often use somefolder, you can add it to the side menu. Select it in a new window or on your desktop, and then simply drag it to the Sidebar Finder. Now the folder will always be displayed here.

So with the help of a few simple settings you can make your work more convenient and more productive.