How to start the timer on the iPhone and iPad

The iPhone and iPad have a timer that is convenient to use when cooking, during sports, or to enhance

productivity at work. In this article we will show 2 ways to set a timer on an iPhone or iPad.

The timer in iOS can be set from 1 second to 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds. If you need to check, say, a couple of days, it will be easier to use Reminders or add an event to The calendar.

How to start the timer on the iPhone and iPad

1. Open the Clock app.

2. In the app, go to the Timer tab.

3. Set the timer to the desired number of hours, minutes, and seconds by swiping up or down.

4. Click on “When done” to change the sound of the timer expires (Optional).

5. Click “Start” to start the timer.

You can turn off the timer at any time by clicking Cancelor pause it with the button Pause.

When the time is up, the selected melody will play. Pull the notification to open the advanced menu with the ability to stop the timer or restart it.