How to subscribe to Apple News + outside the US and Canada

Apple has announced many new services. Among them are a service with films and TV series, gaming, and news.

service.Of all the announced services, only Apple News+ is already available. For $9.99 per month you can get access to 300+ magazines, two famous newspapers and several web publications. However, Apple News+ is only available in the US and Canada.

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Fortunately, there is a little trick that will allow you to subscribe to Apple News + outside the US and Canada. Below we will tell about it.

How to addApple News+ on your device

Service News + contains magazines and articlesformatted specifically for iPhone and iPad screens. They are very convenient to read, especially on the iPad. This is much better than continually pushing magazines in PDF format.

So far, the service is available only for users in the USA and Canada. With a little trick, you can access it from any country, including Russia. Below we will tell you what is needed for this.

Step 1: Apple News+ is part of the updated News app in iOS 12.2. First you need to go toSettings-&gt;Main-&gt;Software Updateand install the latest version of iOS.

Step 2: Now you need to change your region. To do this, go toSettings-&gt;Basic-&gt;Language and Region. Here your region needs to be changed to the United States of America. If desired, the language can not be changed.

Step 3: Now you need to change your account. You will need to create a new account on, selecting the country USA. Go toApp Store, select your profile in the corner and clickGo out.

Note:When you switch your account, all your downloaded music will be deleted. After that you can use it as usual.

Now log in to your new account, tied to the United States.

Step 4: Now you need to deal with the method of payment. Apple News + offers the first month of subscription for free, after which you will have to pay $ 9.99 per month. To subscribe, you need from the very beginning to bind to your Apple ID payment method.

If you have a cash card that worksin the US, it’s best to use it. You can also use the balance from an Apple gift card purchased in the USA. You need to ask someone from your friends to buy a gift card that works in the American App Store and iTunes, and send it to you. The cheapest card costs $ 10. You will need to use a gift card for your new Apple ID.

There is another way. Apple News + supports family access at no extra charge. If you have friends from the United States who have already subscribed to News +, you can ask them to add you to the family access account. After that, the service will be available to you.

How to subscribe toApple News+

Step 1: Open a new applicationNews+.

Step 2: There will be a tab at the bottomNews+. Select it to open a new page dedicated to News +. Here you will see a preview of magazines and small articles. You can view the entire catalog.

Step 3: Now go to the top of the News+ section and click the buttonTry It Free/ Try for free.

Step 4: A new page will open. ClickTry it freeagain.

Step 5: Now confirm your subscription with your Face ID, Touch ID or password. If you have a valid payment method, the subscription will be issued immediately.

That's all, now you can enjoyhundreds of magazines for every taste that will look great on your iPhone or iPad. If you change your region to the previous one, the service will stop working.

If you like to read on your Mac, you can use Apple News + and on it. Just do not forget to upgrade to macOS 10.14.4.

In the US, Apple News + costs $ 9.99 per month, and in Canada, $ 12.99 per month. The first month is available everywhere for free.

A trial subscription is canceled just like a subscription.on Apple Music or in applications. Go to the App Store, select your profile and go to Subscriptions. Here you can easily and conveniently manage your subscriptions.