How to temporarily disable notifications on the iOS 12 lock screen

In iOS 12, the notification system has been completely updated. In addition to merged notifications and enhanced mode

“Do Not Disturb” is also a new hidden feature that allows you to quickly turn off notifications from a specific application on the lock screen.

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With the click of a button you can turn offNotifications from apps like Tinder or Instagram, and they won’t appear on the lock screen. However, this will not turn off notifications completely - you will see them in the Notification Center when you unlock the device. They will just come without sound.

New feature called Deliver without soundand she is brilliant. Don't want to wake up all night from WhatsApp notifications? Now you do not need to enable the Do Not Disturb mode or turn off notifications in Settings. Moreover, the function also works on the Apple Watch.

How to use the Deliver Without Sound feature on iphone

To use the function for a specific application, you must have a new notification from this application in the Notification Center.

Step 1: Swipe left in the notification center.

Step 2: Click To manage.

Step 3: In the menu that appears, select Deliver without sound.

Now, notifications from this application will come from sound and will not appear on the lock screen, only in the Notification Center.

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How to disable the "Deliver silently" function

If you want to disable the feature, you can just as easily do it in the Notification Center. It would be convenient to be able to do this through Settings. Perhaps Apple will add such an option.

Step 1: Open Notification Center on your iPhone.

Step 2: Swipe left on notification.

Step 3: Click To manage.

Step 4: Choose an option Deliver with sound.

Now notifications will come as before -with sound and displayed on the lock screen. The best in iOS 12 is merged notifications. Now they are automatically grouped into application groups, and you definitely won’t miss anything important.