How to turn off the indicator of unread notifications on the Apple Watch

WatchOS notifies you of unread notifications on the Apple Watch by displaying a small red dot

at the top of the dial. The function is enabled by default, but you can disable it if you wish.

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If you do not respond to an incoming notificationon the watch, watchOS will save it in the Notification Center. To notify you that you have unread notifications, the system will display a red dot at the top of the dial.

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The red dot disappears when there are no unread notifications left in the Notification Center.



This red indicator distracts some users from and without this loaded dial. Below, we’ll show you how to turn off the unread notification indicator on the Apple Watch display.

how disable indicator notifications

one) Open application Apple Watch on your iPhone.

2) Select tab My watch.

3) Select section Notifications.

four) Click the switch next to Notification indicator.

Now the red dot will not appear on the dial, even when you have unread notifications. You will continue to receive a tactile signal with incoming notifications.

The description of the function says: "When this function is enabled, if there are unread notifications, a red dot is displayed on the clock display."

Recall that the Apple Watch displays notifications,only when the watch is on your wrist and is unlocked. They are also smart enough to understand when you are using your iPhone and not to display notifications on the watch as well.

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To view unread notifications,Swipe down from the top of the display. This will open the Notification Center. Prior to watchOS 5, the Control Center on a smart watch could be opened only from the dial, and now also from applications.