How to turn off the notification of memories on the iPhone and iPad

Sometimes on your iPhone and iPadnotifications with the text “You have a new memory - On this day (...)”. Some users like to review their old photos, while others may interfere with these notifications.

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That is why below we will explain how to turn off the notification of memories on the iPhone and iPad.

Turn off notifications for memories

  1. Open the applicationSettingson your iPhone or iPad.
  2. SelectNotifications, and thenA photo.
  3. On the next screen, selectMemories.
  4. Click on the switch next toNotification Toleranceso that it turns gray.

After you disable the option, the notificationsnew memories will no longer appear. This will not disable the entire Memories feature, but just the notifications. Other notifications from the Photo application will come.

Sometimes it is nice to see your old photos, but the function does not work perfectly and can pick up photos that you don’t want to see.

Disable notification of memories or not -Your choice. In many ways, the function of the function depends on what photographs you take and store. In addition, you can change your decision at any time by returning to Settings.