How to understand that the employer is watching you through a computer

Various studies show that companies in one way or another monitor what their subordinates are doing.


In Russia, we are talking about more than 70% of employers.At the same time, about 50% of them install special software that directly monitors office computers. Evgeny Kashkin, Associate Professor of the Department of Intelligent Information Security Systems at RTU MIREA, told how to find out that you are being monitored in this way.

According to the specialist, if it seemed to you that your actions were being monitored by your work computer, you should first of all read your employment contract and its appendices.

The point is that, according to the Russianlegislation, such surveillance is possible only with the consent of the employee, and the very fact of monitoring must be reflected in official documents. Otherwise, the employer violates the law, namely articles 137 and 138 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on privacy.

Evgeny Kashkin

If your employer has not given you anysimilar in the contract, but you still want to check it, then open the "Task Manager". After that, go to the Processes tab and see if one of the well-known employee monitoring software is running in the background on the device.

This is in the case of using a Windows machine. On macOS, go to Utilities and launch Activity Monitor.