How to understand that you are developing atherosclerosis

Candidate of Medical Sciences, gastroenterologist Ekaterina Kashukh told how to understand what is developing

atherosclerosis. Discuss

According to her, problems with high cholesterol usually begin in patients from 40 years old. Therefore, you should regularly donate blood for tests in order to start treatment on time.

The doctor noted that during the coronavirus pandemicin young and middle-aged people, high cholesterol began to be observed. This is partly due to insufficient physical activity due to self-isolation and an increase in bad habits, primarily malnutrition.

But against the background of the pandemic, they began to donate blood for cholesterol more often.

"Pathological changes in the vessels due toexcess cholesterol proceed imperceptibly at first. The situation is exacerbated when people do not pay due attention to the signals of the body, for example, pain in the chest or in the muscles of the legs, ”the doctor warned.

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