How to use 1Password and LastPass to auto-complete passwords in iOS 12

The life of users with iCloud Keychain is much easier - they can easily and conveniently auto-fill passwords and logins in Safari

and applications. In applications, the whole process happens automatically. Since the Face ID scan takes place on its own, you don’t even need to press anything. Now users with the 1Password and LastPass applications can do this.

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In iOS 12, new APIs are available that allowconnect LastPass to the standard password auto-complete system. You can automatically insert logins and passwords from saved sites. However, this only applies to auto-complete passwords. If you are logging in to the new site for the first time, the system will prompt you to save the login details of LastPass. In addition, in iOS 12, you can use two password managers at the same time.

The process will be the same for both applications. For instructions, we will use LastPass.

  • Download: LastPass (free)
  • Download: 1Password (free)

How to add third-party managers in Settings iOS 12

First you need to make sure that the password manager supports the autocomplete feature. LastPass and 1Password have already been updated under iOS 12, so we recommend choosing them.

Step 1: Open Settings -> Passwords and accounts -> Auto-complete passwords and turn on the feature.

Step 2: Check the box next to LastPass (or another password manager). LastPass will offer to disable iCloud Keychain, but this is not necessary.

Everything, LastPass passwords auto-completeincluded Now open the LastPass application, register in it and save all your data for the sites you use most often. To add data, click the “+” icon.

How to auto-complete passwords through LastPass or 1Password

Step 1: Open the application or site for which you have already saved data in LastPass (or another password manager).

Step 2: Click on the login field, and a suggestion with auto-complete data will appear above the keyboard.

Step 3: If the data does not appear, click on the key icon. The LastPass application opens with a list of saved logins. You can select the desired one from there, and the data will be filled in automatically.

That's all. Now you can easily auto-complete passwords with LastPass or 1Password!