How to use True Tone on a MacBook Pro

All 2018 MacBook Pro models support Apple's True Tone technology. The function extends to the display itself.

Retina, and so on the touchbar. By adjusting the color temperature of the screen to the lighting, the function helps reduce eye strain. We’ll explain below how to use the True Tone feature on the new MacBook Pro.

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About technology

The improved light sensor on the MacBook Pro 2018 constantly reads data on the brightness and color temperature of the environment (the sensor of previous models measured only brightness).

Using this data, the operating system adjusts the white balance on the display to your lighting. As a result, you see the image more natural, and eye strain is reduced.

It's all about perception.



Essentially, a function tricks your brain and makes youbelieve it that the colors on the display do not change depending on the situation. Not only programs and other interface elements are changing, the True Tone function changes the white balance and the temperature of the entire screen.

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The principle of function can be compared with paper. Sometimes the same white sheet of paper looks either yellow or blue under different lighting conditions.



So far, True Tone technology is supported only2018 MacBook Pro models, but later it will appear on other laptop models. True Tone first appeared on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro in 2016. After that, technology was added to the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, iPad Pro 2017 (10.5 and 12.9 inches) and MacBook Pro 2018.

True Tone with external display

True Tone works on new MacBook Prosthanks to the multi-channel light sensor next to the FaceTime HD camera above the laptop screen. When you use an external display, the laptop cover must be open for the function to work.

In other words, True Tone technology does not work when the laptop is closed.

True Tone technology works with external LG UltraFine 4K and UltraFine 5K displays, as well as the Apple Thunderbolt Display along with the Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter.

How to use True Tone on Mac

one) Open up System settings on the Apple menu, using Siri, through the dock or program folder.

2) Click on the icon Integrated monitor.

3) Select tab Monitor.

four) Check the box next to True Toneto enable the function.

To disable True Tone, simply uncheck the box.

True Tone technology may not work with the following features:

  • Color inversion
  • Contrast increase
  • Lower white point

If True Tone is not in the screen settings, your Mac just does not support the technology.

If you often use your laptop in the evenings or at night, you should turn on the Night mode function, which will also reduce eye strain. It can be used with the True Tone feature.

True tone at work

It is worth noting that the True Tone function is suitableeven those who work with photo and video editing, as well as illustrations. ColorSync color management system provides accurate color reproduction, and the above technology does not interfere with its operation.

Even professionals can turn on the True Tone feature to make their designs look the same and as realistic as possible in any light.