How to view all photos and documents in Notes

We recently wrote about the ability to pin notes in iOS 11. Then the Notes application received another

imperceptible function, which at times facilitates its use.

If you know where to look, then in Notes you can view all attached files, sort them by type and date, and also extract.



Using the function is very simple. Below we will tell you everything.

How to view attachments in Notes

one) Open application Notes and select some Folder. For example, iCloud notes.

2) On the screen with a list of your notes, click on the icon of the four squares in the lower left corner.

3) Here you will see all your attachments: photos, sketches and documents.

four) You can leaf through attachments or click show all in the corner of each item.

five) When you find the image you need, click on it. In the upper right corner there will be an inscription Show in note, clicking on which will open the note in which the file is located.

If you have not used the function, then openNotes and explore all the features of the application. While you are doing this, at the same time you can delete old unnecessary notes that appeared there for some reason.