HSE: the average salary of researchers in Russia increased to 100 thousand rubles per month

Against the backdrop of increased salaries for scientific staff, the number of scientists decreased by 8.7% over the year. The publication notes

that the increase in salaries for scientists is carried out according to the program of May presidential decrees.

The highest salaries of research workers in health and education organizations, where 17.3% of research workers work.

The maximum increase in the average monthly salary of scientificemployees in 2018 compared with 2017 was in the Leningrad region - 2.3 times, in Astrakhan, Penza, Ryazan, and in the Altai Republic - 1.9 times.

There is still a strong differentiation.subjects of the Russian Federation on the level of remuneration of research workers. Their main contingent is concentrated in Moscow (40.4%), St. Petersburg (8.9%), Moscow (7.5%) and Novosibirsk (6.6%) regions. The average monthly salary of researchers in these regions varies between 70–130 thousand rubles.

HSE study

Many research associates on specializedforums complain that the salary increase was only nominal and in the regions rarely receive more than 30 thousand rubles. Many employees who had their salaries doubled were simply left at half the rate - this allowed them to raise their salaries on paper, but in fact the level of wages remained the same.