HTC has changed its leader and intends to “move” Huawei

HTC, which continues to end quarters with losses and has almost left the market

smartphones, hopes to regain its position with the help of new management.

Who is it?

Cher Wang recently left his positionhead of the company, which he has held since 2015. He was replaced by Yves Maitre, who had been working on devices for the European cellular operator Orange for many years.

The new leader recently spoke at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference and spoke quite frankly about HTC's plans for the future.

What's next

According to Mater, HTC made a mistake with time and simply stopped introducing new technologies into its devices.

“And companies like Apple, like Samsung and,most recently, Huawei has done an incredible job investing in their hardware solutions. We didn’t do that because we invested in innovation in virtual reality,” he noted.

So now the company has to catch up. And it seems that the new head of HTC has hinted that they will try to take advantage of Huawei's problems.

“The competition is changing.A situation arises where a customer is disappointed that they can no longer buy the latest Huawei phone. How to give our customers the opportunity to get back to what they want, in terms of best-in-class hardware and photography, are issues that HTC intends to address in the coming months,” said Yves Maitre.

In the future, the manufacturer will focus on developed markets with high GDP, and in a few years will begin to develop 5G.