HTC has removed its apps from Google Play: what does it all mean?

Lately, things have not been going very well for HTC, to put it mildly, so rumors are increasingly appearing on the Internet

about the closure of the mobile division.The company denies these rumors, but it itself adds fuel to the fire: over the past few months, HTC has removed almost all of its proprietary smartphone applications from Google Play.

What was removed

From February to April, 14 people disappeared from the Google Storeapplications, including HTC Sense Home Launcher, HTC People, HTC Mail, HTC Speak, HTC Calendar and HTC Dot View. But some still survived. For example, HTC Mail, HTC People and HTC Calendar.

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At the same time, we cleaned out both applications that had not received updates for a long time, as well as current alternative utilities.

What does it mean?

HTC itself is silent and does not comment on the deletionapplications. It can be assumed that the company has finally decided to reboot or even exit from a business that is unprofitable for itself. But perhaps HTC simply decided to abandon the proprietary Sense UI shell and release smartphones on “pure” Android as part of the Android One program.

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