Huawei A2: the world's first NFC router for $ 57

At today's presentation in China, Huawei presented another interesting product - the Huawei A2 router.

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According to the manufacturer, one of the mainThe new product's special feature is that it is the world's first router with NFC support. To set up, you just need to bring your smartphone to the router; you won’t need to enter your username and password for authorization.

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Huawei A2 received a processor with a clock frequency1.4 GHz and supports dual-band signal transmission of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. At the same time, the 5-GHz range is available in two versions: low- and high-frequency. There are six independent signal boosters, and the data transfer rate can reach 2134 Mbps.

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The device also has protection against hacking and the ability to create black lists of MAC addresses to block devices.

Dimensions of Huawei A2 are 104×210 mm.

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Sales of the router will start in early December. You can buy Huawei A2 for just $57.