Huawei (again) was at the center of the scandal: what was the media offended this time?

“So, the famous foreign artist Monsieur Woland is performing with a session of black magic! Well, we are with you

we understand…"
Mikhail Bulgakov, "The Master and Margarita"

This week another one has been sweeping the internet.wave of revelations. No, not even revelations, but “revelations.” It all started on March 8, when Huawei Consumer Business Group executive director Yu Chengdong published a post on the Chinese social network Weibo that hinted at the zoom capabilities of the yet-to-be-announced Huawei P30 smartphone. Which, by the way, was mentioned openly in all nine images, laid out in a beautiful square according to all the canons of Instagram, which, in fact, introduced this fashion for square photographs. All pictures were accompanied by the hashtag #RewriteTheRules (translated from English as “rewriting the rules”). Editorialgg, by the way, this is exactly how I interpreted this move- like “several posters with a hint of “super zoom” in devices.” With a hint, because it was clear to all sensible people that the pictures were not taken by the camera of the smartphone itself. And this was not discussed in the text of the post either. And, according to rumors, the new smartphone will have a triple camera, one of the modules of which will use a long-focus lens that uses a 5x zoom, and in the Pro version even 10x.

The “exposure” session was not long in coming andinquisitive (we must give them their due - there is nothing reprehensible in this, but it was all done more for the sake of “hype” than with the goal of bringing the Huawei representative to the surface) minds immediately unearthed that the original photographs were taken from the Getty Images photo bank, not at all taken with a Huawei P30 camera, as if it wasn’t obvious. In this regard, I would like to ask a question: my dears™ (pronounced in the voice of a famous Ukrainian actress, with a special strain in her voice), is it not obvious to you that the executive director does not go to film a volcanic eruption just for the sake of a beautiful photo on a social network?

</ img>

Snapshot posted on Weibo social network

Yes, and for someone is a big secret how exactly SMM-services of companies that prepare beautiful visual materials in advance work?

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Getty Images photobank preview

By the way, this is not the first such scandal inindustry. The pioneer, as in many other areas, was Nokia, which was seen in embellishing reality with the Nokia N95 model, when it used, although real pictures taken with the camera of this smartphone, but with professionally set lighting. Then she found herself at the epicenter of a media scandal with the 2012 Nokia Lumia 920 model. Now the original video is, of course, unavailable, but echoes of it can be found on YouTube:

Nokia, of course, immediately announced that cheating was notincluded in her plans, and the commercial should have focused on the possibilities of stabilizing the image of the camera of the smartphone, making it as clear as possible.

Huawei itself attacked the same rake, which already in 2016 published a picture on Google+, which, according to the authors, was supposed to demonstrate the advantages of that year’s flagship Huawei P9.

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In fact, the picture was taken by a professional camera Canon EOS 5D Mark III, which was easy to find in the EXIF ​​data of the photo on Google+:

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But if in those cases both Nokia and Huawei didsomething that could be interpreted as an attempt to distort the real situation, showing their products in a more favorable light with the help of professional technology, now everything is different. Well, in fact, do you really think that this picture was taken by phone? Does the frankly painted over-the-top flare mean nothing at all? Well, if someone wanted to mislead, giving a picture of a real photo, shot by the camera of a smartphone, probably, would have acted much thinner. Especially in the days of the Internet, when almost any information is easily verified. Maybe everything is much easier? Maybe this is just what it is? An ordinary advertising tool called a teaser? Attracting attention to the product on the eve of the official announcement?

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Of course, all this additional hype is onlyhand of Huawei and its flagship smartphone. Once upon a time, only Apple knew how to play such games well, flooding the information space with rumors and leaks. No, like many times before, the idea was, of course, not invented by Apple - manufacturers of push-button phones were playing these games long before the appearance of the first iPhone, but Apple elevated the circulation of rumors and discussion of yet unannounced devices to a special rank of advertising “art” - When your brand reaches the level of religion, the media begins to look for hints in any of your pictures, discussing every fragment of the published image, and trying to guess from it, as if from coffee grounds. Now other strong players have already caught up - for example, Samsung has also learned to turn presentations into shows and start discussions of new products before their official presentation. Huawei also learned this, which also has all the capabilities for such games.

This is when Huawei employees send New Year's Evecongratulations on Twitter on the iPhone, and this immediately becomes visible, then the company reacts immediately, fining and demoting those responsible. And here a beautiful and verified statement with gratitude for your attention is enough. They say these are just “advertising posters” and “we wanted to hint at new opportunities.” But not all media are able to interpret hints correctly. And the ability to raise hype, again, in the world of modern media is valued much more than the skill of recognizing hints.

In general, as the old man Confucius said (you are allyou won’t check whether you’ve said it or not: there wasn’t any Internet, there were no witnesses either), “If there are flies, there should be manure heaps”. What, in translation from ancient Chinese, means: well, what's the point? There is always another person on the Internet who wants to engage in black magic sessions with its obligatory exposure.