Huawei and Google have canceled the release of smart speakers and other joint projects due to US sanctions

Amid rising sales of Huawei gadgets and optimistic forecasts, there are quite a few moments when US sanctions

spoiled the life of a Chinese manufacturer. For example, in collaboration with Google.

What happened

The media found out that the Android operating system andGoogle services are not the only controversial issues after the blacklist. In fact, Huawei and Google have worked on several joint projects, which had to be abandoned due to US sanctions.

For example, this is a smart speaker Huawei with GoogleAssistant, work on which lasted more than a year. She was planned to be presented at the IFA 2019 exhibition in Berlin in September of this year, but the project eventually had to be curtailed.

Other joint gadgets were also in development, as well as Huawei smartphones compatible with Android Auto.

What with sanctions

It's been a month since the US presidentDonald Trump promised to improve relations with China and lift the ban on cooperation with Huawei. However, things are still there: the American government has not yet moved from words to actions.

In a month, about 35 companies filed about 50 requests for trade with Huawei, but none of them has yet received permission.