Huawei and Honor are preparing several new tablets and smartphones based on Kirin 980

XDA Developers editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman, citing a “reliable source,” said

details about new devices from Huawei and its sub-brand Honor. All of them have one thing in common - the top-end proprietary processor Kirin 980.

What to expect

So, all models are numbered, withoutspecific names. RSN-AL00/W09 and VRD-AL09/W09/X9/Z00 are tablets with 8.9-inch displays with a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels and 4200 mAh batteries. The second model will have two cameras of 8 and 13 megapixels; nothing is yet known about the photo capabilities of the RSN-AL00/W09.

SCM-AL09/W09/Z00 is also a tablet, but with a 10.7-inch display with a resolution of 2560x1600 and a 7500 mAh battery. There are also two cameras - 13 and 8 megapixels.

The companies are also preparing several new smartphones.SEA-AL10/TL10 will receive a 6.39-inch display with a resolution of 1080×2340, a 3500 mAh battery and four cameras (main and front): Sony IMX576 (25 MP), IMX380 (12.3 MP), IMX586 (48 MP) and IMX316 (TOF).

YAL-AL00/LX1/TL00 will have a 6.26-inch display(1080×2340), 3750 mAh battery and six cameras: Sony IMX576 (25 MP), IMX616 (32 MP), IMX582, IMX586 (48 MP), IMX481/OV16885 (16 MP), GC2375/OV02A10 (2 MP) ). Perhaps this is one of the representatives of the Honor 20 series.

The list also includes YALZX-AL10/LX1 with a 4000 mAh battery and four cameras of 32, 48, 16 and 2 MP. There is no information about the display.

Mishaal Rahman immediately clarifies that he does not give full guarantee that he has correctly interpreted all the information from the source. It’s also not a fact that all these devices will eventually come out.

Let us remember that at the same time, Huawei is already working on a new Kirin 985 processor.