Huawei Band 4e review: a beautiful tracker for running and basketball

When it comes to all kinds of fitness trackers and smart watches, the Ukrainian layman prefers

budget brands. The unequivocal leader in the segment is Xiaomi, but the nouns also feel good in our country. First-tier brands also need to be present in this segment, but they cannot completely fall in price, yet the name does not allow it. Therefore, they are looking for interesting chips that will stand out among the faceless masses, but at the same time remain within the minimum budget. Huawei Band 4e is one such model. There is nothing that a modern fitness bracelet can boast of - no color screen, no stylish dials, or detailed sleep analytics. And not even a heart rate monitor. Nevertheless, this is an interesting solution for a narrow category of users.

What is it?

Fitness tracker for 500 hryvnias with a monochrome POLED screen and the most basic features as a companion for a smartphone, but advanced for runners and basketball players.

What makes him interesting?

Design, shoe mount included and advanced analytics for the above sports.

What does he look like?

If Huawei Band 4e was fullWith a modern smart bracelet, I would not hesitate to buy myself the same one, because visually I really liked it. Instead of a dull-colored silicone strap here is a fabric one. He stretches well and looks stylish.

The strap comes in two colors. We had a “coral” version. The second is in shades of gray.

It is easily adjustable and at first glance it does not stretch much in the process of life. But there is a nuance - you should not go to the shower with it, since the fabric is the fabric - it gets wet, dries for a long time.

The tracker itself is mounted in a removable capsule. It can be worn on the arm, but it can be worn on shoes. She keeps herself firmly on the sneaker, tried to run and forgot to take off in the gym - she didn’t. The capsule weighs 6 grams, with a belt pulls 13 grams. The main thing is to insert the right side into the plastic mount so that the screen does not scratch.

Comes with a capsule for mounting onsneaker (by the way, in the last photo the tracker is not installed correctly, noticed this after not having found after the training the long-awaited detailed information about the run)

What can he do?

The set of capabilities of the bracelet is poor, as in the firstXiaomi trackers (the very ones that eventually made this class of devices so popular). The limitation is first imposed by the screen itself - small (0.5 inches) and not touch. Resolution - 48 x 88 pixels. He doesn’t show the text of messages - only an alert shows that it has arrived, which is rather inconvenient, since it is not clear how urgently you need to grab onto the smartphone.

The bracelet screen is displayed sequentially.the main screen (time, connection, charge), the number of steps, distance, calories, sleep hours, phone search and settings (in fact, this is only a shutdown, reboot, device information). You can navigate between them using a single touch button. Run some action (phone search, settings menu) - with a long press on the touch button.

Since the bracelet has two ways of wearing,which give different opportunities, in the menu of the “Health” application (all Huawei / Honor wearable devices work with it) there is an option, but you can stop at automatic detection.

In fact, when worn on the hand of the Huawei Band 4e -primitive fitness tracker in which there is nothing interesting besides design. There is an alarm (smart), a reminder that you need to move (every hour), sleep analysis (without proprietary TrueSleep analytics), calculation of distance and calories. Even such common types of simulators as orbitrek, he does not recognize.

The fun begins if you attach the sensor tosneaker. The device has a 6-axis motion sensor. The model supports advanced analytics of user activity for two sports - running and basketball. If the tracker is correctly installed in the capsule, the screen will prompt you to choose the type of training (running or basketball). He doesn’t offer to choose a leg. After training, you need to turn off the mode by long pressing the touch key, otherwise nothing will remain from the battery. And the statistics will be spoiled.

Unfortunately, I can’t give detailed information about basketball training as an example, I don’t play, so I will show a screenshot from the company's website. I noticed that he does not respond to the orbit track.

</ img>

Runners using a device can trackthe nature of the setting of the foot while running, the intensity and time of contact with the surface, rhythm, etc. The manufacturer declares that the accuracy of distance measurement in this device has been improved to 97% especially for indoor training. A few years ago, when I became interested in running and such gadgets were not common, I wanted to know these indicators. In general, now I know and even know what to do with it. In addition to accurate statistics, the application also shows recommendations for improving the technology. Usually any such recommendations (for example, regarding sleep - go to bed earlier, sleep better, ventilate the room and blablabla) remind the captain’s lamentations of obviousness. But with a sensible run. In any case, in my very amateurish opinion. There are specific tips for specific erroneous actions. I haven’t worked on improvements yet, but even such information is very motivating to improve the technique.

My main wearable device right now isHonor Band 5 is a fitness tracker with a large and high-quality display and, in principle, almost everything that a tracker may need. Both gadgets work with the same application and for me personally this was a problem, since at the same time they cannot be connected. I had to connect one before a run, the second after. I understand that my case is rather an exception. But I see no reason to use this device as the main smart bracelet and would recommend it only to those who really would like to track detailed statistics in running and basketball.

For use as a wrist trackerit is better to fork out for a more functional model. But here again the connection problem pops up. Or two devices of different brands, which is stupid, since it is better to track all the data in one service. Or one brand, but then they will need to be connected in turn. Or abandon the normal tracker in favor of a model that suits your sport. Or abandon this model. In general, whatever one may say, it's not that.

How much battery holds and how to charge?

The manufacturer promises about 14 days in modeuse and 21 days - standby time. I had this rare occasion when promises and reality coincided. There is nothing special to do with the tracker, I ran about once a week and a little after the New Year holidays. So the tracker worked even for more than two weeks, but this is when I hardly ran. In fact, everything will depend on the frequency and duration of training. It takes a little less than two hours to fully charge (inside, a 77 mAh battery).

Charges from USB, as before in braceletsXiaomi More convenient than a bunch of wires, but it can make nerves to owners of laptops with a connector on the back (I have one, for example). You have to remove the charging capsule when not needed, so as not to break off. Charging cables usually leave without fear.

What are the alternatives?

If it’s not important for you to track the equipmentrunning and basketball, then the whole market of fitness trackers and smart bracelets opens before you. Huawei / Honor has many interesting models (for example, Honor Band 5), and I would recommend paying attention to devices with a normal screen, where the text of messages is visible, and a heart rate monitor. You’ll have to pay one and a half times more, but it's worth it. In addition, inexpensive, but cool bracelets are released by Xiaomi. Unknown brands do not recommend. Most likely, they are all bad with the software and they will track the devil and the devil.

You can track your running technique using sneakers with an integrated tracker. Both expensive sports brands and companies of the Xiaomi family have them - for example, Mijia Shoes 2 and older models.

Honestly, I don’t know if there are similar devices in the market for basketball players. Surely, there is also something.

In the dry residue

Huawei Band 4e stands out pleasant andrelaxed design. But in my opinion, this is not a reason to buy this model. If you are looking for an inexpensive smart bracelet, it is better to look at models with a touch screen that displays alert text and a heart rate sensor at least. It’s better to pay one and a half to two times more, but get a more interesting device on your head. Band 4e should pay attention to those who need to track equipment in the two sports that the model is focused on - running and basketball. Even if you are not sure that you need detailed information, you are unlikely to be disappointed with the result for such a small amount.

2 reasons to buy Huawei Band 4e:

  • you are running and want to improve the technique;
  • you play basketball and also want to know more about your training.

1 reason not to buy Huawei Band 4e:

  • You do not do either one or the other, but as a fitness tracker for the rest, it is completely stupid.

Technical specifications of the bracelet Huawei Band 4e

Dimensions and weight
41x15x11 mm vs 13 g

Special features
smart alarm clock, counting steps, calories, distances, in-depth statistics for running and basketball

0.5 ″, POLED, 48 × 88 pixels

6 axis accelerometer

Protection class
protection against water with pressure up to 5 atmospheres

32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 processor

Bluetooth version

lithium polymer, 77 mAh

Working hours
up to 14 days (up to 21 days in standby time

Huawei Band 4e

Budget bracelet for running and basketball

This is a simplified version of Huawei Band 4 with a 0.5-inch screen and a special buckle, with which the capsule can be attached to clothes or shoes for a more accurate analysis of fitness activity.

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