Huawei began to update the smartphones of Ukrainian users to EMUI 9.1

Huawei announces the update of the proprietary EMUI shell to version 9.1 on Ukrainian smartphones


When and who will update

Owners of the flagship P30 and P30 lite series will be the first to receive the latest firmware - the update is promised as early as this week. Previous smartphone models will also be updated:

The update will take place in stages, for each model will take several weeks.

What's new

Settings with the arrival of EMUI 9.1 will become simpler, and the number of configuration elements will decrease by 20%. As a result, the smartphone will be more convenient to use with one hand or gestures.

They also promise convenient data transfer from the old onedevice to a new one, GPU Turbo 3.0 graphics acceleration technology, a new Moon mode for high-quality shooting of lunar landscapes, the ability to create short 10-second
one-touch videos, new video editor.

In addition, Huawei is enhancing security measuresusing the File Safe and App Lock functions, which allow you to password protect individual documents, folders or applications, and Password vault, a login and password manager for applications and accounts.