Huawei believes in the success of Mate X3: key innovation and screen sizes

Next week we are waiting for a big Huawei conference, during which the company will present the flagship

the P60 line, the updated MatePad 11″ tablet and,of course, the foldable Mate X3. Details about the latter have not yet been so much, and therefore the well-known specialist in the field of displays Ross Young (Ross Young) decided to close the gaps in his field. He said that Mate X3 will be the first Huawei clamshell with UTG (ultra-thin "glass"). At the same time, the folding display itself has a diagonal of 7.85″, which is smaller than that of the Mate X2 (8″) and almost identical to the Honor Magic Vs (7.9″). The outer panel is pretty standard for its class: 6.45″. Additionally, the source notes that the production target is high, which means that Huawei is confident in the potential success of the Mate X3.

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