Huawei CEO said why the operating system was called HarmonyOS

Recently, the Chinese company Huawei introduced its own operating system HarmonyOS and the first device

on it is a Honor Vision TV. After that, the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group Yu Chengdong explained why the OS got such a name.

Why HarmonyOS?

After it became known that Huaweiprepares its own operating system, the network voiced several options for its name: Ark OS, Oak OS and the most common - HongMeng OS. However, the result is HarmonyOS.

For the Chinese, HongMeng means "discovery of the earth,"the closest word is genesis (beginning). However, for users who live outside of China, this word is difficult to pronounce. Therefore, we decided to stay at HarmonyOS.

"HongMeng translated from Chinese sounds approximatelyas the “discovery of the earth." Too difficult to pronounce HongMeng in Chinese. We called the Harmony system (harmony) to bring more peace to the whole world, ”explained Yu Chengdong.

Over 4 thousand people worked on the operating system, so it appeared on the market so quickly.