Huawei decided to negotiate with the United States to ease bans

The media learned that Huawei hopes to negotiate with the administration of US President Biden.

wants to discuss the current trade bans, namely the lifting of restrictions on the supply of American components.

The media also write that the detention of the financial director of the Chinese company Meng Wanzhou spurred Huawei's negotiations.

Huawei representatives said they want to talkwith the US separate from the Chinese government. The company doesn't want to be dragged into a higher level showdown. Huawei has not yet communicated with the Biden administration, but hopes it will happen soon.

Recall, Huawei has lost the ability to buycritical critical components for devices made by American companies. But now the company wants to get a temporary license that would allow to restore trade relations.

So far, there is no reason to think that the Biden administration will be more loyal to Huawei than the Trump administration.