Huawei, despite US sanctions, is preparing a Kirin 9010 processor

Last year, due to US sanctions, Taiwanese company TSMC had to stop producing processors

Huawei. But Kirin doesn't seem to be over yet.

What's next

Insider Teme (RODENT950) says that Huawei is preparing a new mobile processor called the Kirin 9010, which should replace the current Kirin 9000.

In addition, the new chip will be manufactured atbased on 3nm technology. TSMC previously said it plans to start mass production of 3nm chips in the second half of 2022. Whether TSMC will be Kirin is not yet known, but, in any case, Huawei still has time.

It is also unclear what Huawei will do withUS sanctions, because companies using American technologies in their work (the same TSMC) are prohibited from cooperating with Huawei. Perhaps the Chinese company is counting on the easing of sanctions, since the new president of America, Joe Biden, will take office on January 20.

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