Huawei expects record sales of smartphones this year - 270 million

Surprisingly, against the backdrop of US bans and sanctions, Huawei continues to grow. And though many expected

a year of failure for the Chinese manufacturer, Huawei is increasing sales and is already aiming for the next record.

What are the plans

Recall that last year the company managed to sell a little more than 200 million smartphones. But this year, due to the situation with America, analysts predicted a decline of 50-60 million.

Later, when sales in China began rapidlygrow, and the United States promised to lift the sanctions, analysts have revised their forecasts. They admitted that this year Huawei will be able to sell 250, or even 260 million smartphones.

But the head of the company Ren Zhenfey (Ren Zhengfei)other plans: he is counting on 270 million smartphones sold! And it will be the absolute record of the manufacturer. Perhaps with such indicators, Huawei will be able to get ahead of Samsung and become the new leader in the smartphone market.

Zhenphay also added that Huawei and beyondexpects to cooperate with American partners: "If the US government allows these companies (Intel, Qualcomm, Micron and others) to continue deliveries, we will continue to buy products from them, although in some areas we have competing products that can be replaced."