Huawei expelled from the headquarters of the Americans and forbade employees to communicate with American partners

After the introduction of US sanctions, Huawei introduced new rules for its employees.

What have changed


turn, after the announcement of the decision of the US PresidentDonald Trump, the Chinese company expelled all American employees involved in research and development from its headquarters in Shenzhen. They were asked to take their laptops, block access to the systems and leave the premises. As a result, they all returned to their homeland.

Chinese employees were also prohibited from holding meetings and even communicating with American colleagues and partners and limiting any communication with US citizens.

In addition, the company controls workers who receive foreign visitors. During communication, they were forbidden to touch on topics related to technology.

Dang Wenshuan, in chargein Huawei's strategic planning department, said that the new rules are related to the fact that America has blacklisted the company and its subsidiaries. “We don’t know what will happen. We do not know the dividing lines of the law, and we must be whiter than white,” the Huawei representative emphasized.