Huawei fixed screen flicker in Mate 20 Pro

In the new firmware version EMUI, Huawei has added the long-awaited DC Dimming technology.

Why do you need it

Owners of Huawei Mate 20 Pro faced oneunpleasant bug: at low brightness values, the smartphone's OLED display began to flicker unpleasantly. For some users, this flaw was quite critical, because it was very stressful for the eyes. To fix the problem, Huawei has added DC Dimming technology to the new version of EMUI. This function noticeably “equalizes” the amplitude of the oscillations without affecting the response time of the display. Thus, the picture becomes more acceptable, although the problem is not completely solved.

You can activate DC Dimming in the menu "Settings"> "Screen"> "Eye Comfort"> "Flicker Reduction". The update is already available for users from China, the rest will have to wait a bit.